One of my most frequent requests as a virtual PA / assistant is can I assist with diary management and do I have any advice for other virtual assistants on how to get into diary management and offer it to their clients.

To that end I have produced a guide which contains some of the best tips I have come across and used during my time in business as a virtual assistant and virtual PA. The guide can be purchased for just £5 using Google checkout below. Once I receive your payment the guide will be emailed to you for your enjoyment and you and your clients can start benefiting from an organised diary immediately.

You are probably wondering why pay for a guide to diary management, well my guide is based on 14 years industry experience working in a variety of top level PA roles and also working as a virtual assistant. These roles have both held their own challenges in being organised for myself and for my clients and I believe that the tips and hints you will find within the documents will be well worth the £5 fee. Plus, once you have read and implemented the practices within yourself you will be able to sell your diary management skills to clients and reap the rewards.


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